Slide Way Grinding

Slideway Grinding is probably the one most important single factor for any machine tool accuracy. Here at Technomid our grinding technicians have all the relevant skills for grinding vee, square edged and trapezoidal slideways.

Based in the heart of the Industrial Machine Tools have for many years specialized in large capacity slideway and surface grinding, servicing the needs of the machine tool industry, nation-wide. We have 2 machines able to offer the highest quality of slideway grinding up to 6000 mm in length and 2500 width, operated by highly skilled and very experienced craftsmen.

Our precision grinding machines are laser calibrated enabling them to achieve the highest accuracy and finish required for most applications and configurations with either peripheral or cup wheel arrangement

We also fit and machine Anti-friction materials enabling us to give a full turnkey package to any slideway application including tapered and trapezoidal gib strips. So whether your application is for just one off or for volume quantities, our grinding division will be able to help.