Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machine (SPM) are those machine which are not available off the shelf. These are not Covered in standard manufacturing programs. Therefore those have to be designed & tailor made as Per the customers specific requirements. They are also called as bespoke machines.

After receiving our enquiry, our team of expert designers will contact you to get to know the details of your requirements. In case of necessity, our team will visit your factory. After evaluating the requirements, expectations and your budget, we will provide you the solution.

Features of Technomind Special Purpose Machine

  • Customized as per client needs
  • Affordable and within the client budget
  • Increases the bottom line productivity
  • Increases the automation on shop floor
  • Reduces human interaction

The capabilities we use in our SPM sub-segment, include design and development of machines, vendor development of casting, bought-out components and electronic sub-assemblies, sheet metal fabrication, heavy duty and precision machining and assembly, testing and on-site installation.