Step Dock Leveler

Step Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Swing-lip Dock Levelers provide safe and efficient loading & unloading and minimize downtime. The result provides high safety for goods transfer and prevents any damage to equipment. Swing lip dock leveler has a swing lip that bridges the gap between building and vehicle. This equipment connect the loading bay to the vehicle bed, making access for forklift or other material handling equipment to reach inside the truck. This reduces labour cost and logistic and material handling efforts.

Telescopic Dock Levelers

Dock levelers can be precisely mounted on the vehicle bed to enable optimal loading and better safety.

Features of Dock leveller –

  • Effective device for loading – unloading cargo
  • Ideal for warehouses and logistic facilities
  • Swing type and telescopic type
  • Suitable with wide dimensions of truck beds
  • Capacity upto 6 T